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Far left: This plaque is dedicated to Daniel Perry, an early settler born in Mississippi in 1791 came to Texas in 1832 with his wife and two sons. He joined the Texas Army as a captain and recruiter. He fought the battle of San Jacinto and then served in the Republic of Texas Navy. In 1837, Perry signed the petition for the creation of Fort Bend County.


Middle: This plaque represents Duke Community in 1824, Old Three Hundred settlers David Fitzgerald, Thomas Barnett and Moses Shipman received land grants in this area. Fitzgerald fought at Anahuac in 1832; Barnett signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.


Far right: This plaque is dedicated to The Fitzgerald and Fenn Families. David Fitzgerald, a veteran of the American Revolution and the War of 1812, came from Texas to Georgia in 1821. Fenn served during the Texas Revolution and signed the 1837 petition for the creation of Fort Bend County. One of their sons, John R. Fenn, was a war veteran, Duke’s first

The City of Arcola sitting in the shadows of Fort Bend County, silently watching urban growth move ever more closer.  

Population of 1,642 residents spread across an eara totaling 1.9 square miles.

The City  of Arcola, Texas
13222 Highway 6
Arcola, TX 77583
Phone: 281-431-0606

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