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Fred A. Burton

Mayor of Arcola, Texas

On November 3, 2020 I was re-elected to serve our great City of Arcola for a second term as Mayor. My family and I have resided in Arcola since 2000 and my family continues to be members of the World Harvest Outreach SDA church. I am currently serving as the City of Arcola representative for the Houston Galveston Area Council. Our first term was met with many challenges but also with great success. The people have spoken, and we are able to continue steadfast as the new city on the rise.


My first term agenda was with the revamping and hiring of these much-needed key positions in City Hall, including the hiring of a highly experienced police chief, and experienced court administer. As well as replacing the Municipal Judge and City Prosecutor, by replacing these two positions I was able to lower the city’s cost to do business.  Towards the end of my first term, we were able to hire an experienced city administer who comes with so much diversity, that has shown us, the city,  how to conduct in a large city atmosphere, and  save the city money, create proper procedures and protocols.


As Mayor, the city purchased 3 acres of land on the east side of City hall for the development of Arcola first freshwater system plant and future community center. Arcola has several newly paved streets and have increased heavy trash to quarterly dates. We were able as a city to accomplish this by using city generated revenues. Our annual BBQ cook off event has been a huge success for the city.

Our Maintenance Department has grown in employees and new equipment to be able to meet the needs of the city and City Hall. Allowing the city to be maintained and in and around City Hall.

As we grow business are noticing Arcola as the new city on the horizon bringing in new businesses such as Wing Stop, Nail salon and More Rush Soul food. With all new business creates employment opportunities for our citizens.  Look around our great city and see the new development happening from storage facility SH 6 and a new hotel on FM 521 to all the new residential subdivisions.


The completion of Arcola’s newly renovated City Hall building has put Arcola into the new technology era for our local Government and Police force. It allows our local government to work more efficiently and effective in these modern times.


As Mayor of Arcola, the next two years will be additional great strides in moving forward, and our community is growing fast and strong. Take the time and come to our monthly city council meetings to be involved and stay current on the Arcola Citizen Facebook page. City hall is for the people let your voice to be heard. As the Mayor we welcome you for your voice and ideas as we move forward as the up incoming New City of Arcola Texas.

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